Joyetech eMode Control Head

Product Introduction
The eMode control head is what brings the product together and makes it the eMode. By connecting it with computer, you can access multiple modes and options. The main button and voltage regulation ring also control the running of the eMode, while the indication lamps display which mode you are currently vaping at.

Length x Diameter: 46mm x18mm


Joyetech eMode Control Head

It comes with
  • 1x eMode Control Head

Simple packing. Customary packing from the factory, the packing is subject to change without notice.

Joyetech eMode Control Head

mode indicator, lateral USB port, 360-degree regulation ring


1.Four power modes: VV,VW,RVV and RVW (RVW1,RVW2,RVW3)

Joyetech eMode Control Head

2.360-Degree Regulation Ring

Joyetech eMode Control Head
2.Compatible with MVR software
3.Battery indicator

Output voltage/wattage: While in VV or VW mode, rotate the 360-degree regulation ring on the control head either clockwise or counterclockwise to select the appropriate power output. (note: if the battery is detached and when yourestart the emode, you have to rotate the regulation ring for a revolution to reset operation.)

Joyetech eMode Control Head

Mode selection: Long press (press and hold) the button to enter circular selection state and loosen the button to select the mode. There are 4 indicator lights to indicate the four modes.

It only works with eMode e-cigarette.

Joyetech eMode Control Head

DOA (Dead On Arrival) ONLY!

Note: We now need serial number to proceed after-sales service. Please kindly preserve the serial number of product if it's available.